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Phone Call Center and Contact Center

Every business these days typically offers a Toll-free number where the customers can call for any queries. And as call volumes can get high with lots of customers dialing your number, so every business also needs dedicated Agents to tend to these calls.

But often employing the Call Center Agents as staff in your organization might become a costly proposition. You can easily avoid the burden of staff by outsourcing your Call Centers. And when you offshore it to a country like India, you benefit additionally from the low costs.

We, Call Center India, are the leading service providers of conventional Phone Call Centers and also the modern Contact Centers.

The difference between these two is that a phone call center has only the facility to receive or make phone calls. A contact center on other hand also has the facility to receive and respond to fax, e-mails and live chat.

Array of our Phone Call Center Services:

Our Call Center Agents receive the incoming calls from your customers and satisfy their queries. Inbound services include-

Outbound Call Center:

Our Call Center Agents can make the calls to the specified database as provided by you or make calls to the intended customers to create a successful outreach for your business. Outbound Services include –

Contact Center:

We perform holistic management of Communication Support for your organization with call center, WECC, e-mail support and facsimile. We can prepare a customized solution wherein you get to pick the services you need.

And many more…

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